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Hypertension & Glucose Screening Initiatives
Hypertension is a global public health problem with increasing prevalence. Only 25% in rural & 42% are aware that they are hypertensive. 1/10th in rural and 1/5th in urban have their BP under control.

72.9 million patients are suffering from diabetes in India. Treatment of diabetes at right time will delay progression of diabetic micro & macro vascular complications.

As Hypertension and diabetes are highly galloping metabolic disorder in India, Vitabolik have taken a step ahead in initiating hypertension & glucose screening initiatives for patients to make them aware & get timely vital solution to control these metabolic disorder.

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Metabolic Disorders today is gradually turning to be an epidemic and India today is poised to becoming the Metabolic Disorder Capital of the World. Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Diabetes are the three major Silent Killers affecting other major organ damage. Lack of awareness, diagnosis and proper healthcare management systems increases the risk of morbidity and mortality.

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